The University of Guelph joins the One-for-Many programme

Professors Neil Turok and Alastair Summerlee sign the official agreement.

In a small ceremony held on April 20 at the University of Guelph, Prof. Alastair Summerlee, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University and Prof. Neil Turok, Chair of the AIMS-NEI Board signed an important agreement. The University of Guelph will provide scholarships for up to five students at an AIMS centre, the equivalent of one scholarship at the University of Guelph.

This commitment resonates strongly with the support of the Canadian Government to the AIMS Next Einstein Initiative.

Four former AIMS students were present, all enrolled in postgraduate study programmes in Canada. Akosa Collins from Nigeria gave us an account of his path taking him from mathematics studies to a PhD scholarship at one of the emerging Canadian science universities.

Guelph is one of five Canadian universities to join the scholarship programme.

AIMS Alumni Joachim, Dimby, Solomon and Akosa with Professors Turok and Summerlee

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