Perspective from AIMS alumni

At the very successful UNESCO event a few weeks ago, one of our alumni, Frank Kalala from DRC had a message for the participants. He couldn’t attend the meeting himself but his message was shared by another AIMS alum and good friend of his, Doriano-Boris Pougaza, from the Central African Republic who read it out to the audience. It received a strong wave of applause, so with Frank and Doriano’s permission we reproduce it here.

The true development of Africa is firstly an integrated and integral education in large number of executives of tomorrow in all the sectors of science and technology. AIMS- South Africa is a revolutionary initiative of large scale ever since the independence of the African countries in the years 1960.

The root is in the south and soon (AIMS-Senegal and others) the ramifications will be spreading everywhere in Africa to give a new dash to the develop of Africa based on a high level teaching of the most recent branches and most modern topics of science including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, the nanotechnology and the use of modern software. That also included the facilitation, the exchange and the North-South movement while allowing the integration in all the sectors of the development in Africa of the new elite.

AIMS for me was a springboard which has propels me in space. We thus call you, to be also involved in the of AIMS idea by any kind of material and financial supports for this new departure. Send us professors, engineers and doctors rather than soldiers to create better frameworks for tomorrow and start a real intellectual democracy.

Frank Kalala – DRC
Doriano-Boris Pougaza – CAR

Doriano-Boris Pougaza reads Frank Kalala's message. Both graduated from AIMS South Africa in 208.

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