AIMS Senegal – what atmosphere!

As I write this, part of the global elite in the mathematical sciences converges on a small town in Senegal, West Africa. The reason for the celebration is the opportunity created for more than 30 brilliant minds from across Africa to join the world scientific stage. The students are inspired and eager and ready to take on the challenge of new science, new life, new work, new cultures, new languages.

The staff at AIMS Senegal have worked tirelessly to put everything into place and make everything work on time for this academic year. Their achievements are nothing short of miracles, and they are setting a remarkable example for the students, tutors, lecturers and future AIMS centres alike. We are infinitely grateful for their dedication and hard work!

Tomorrow the big party will take place, at which his Excellency President Wade of Senegal will officially open AIMS Senegal. May this be the beginning of great things!

The first AIMS Senegal student body from 14 countries!

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